Otter Valley Federation

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Jess Benger

Clerk to the Governors

My name is Jess Benger and I am Clerk to Governors for The Otter Valley Federation Governing Board. I have been a Clerk for seven years and during that time I have worked for 11 different schools in Devon as well as helping on a temporary basis where needed. I currently work for five different schools.

My job is to support the Executive Headteacher and the Governors, especially the Chair of the Governing Board to carry out their legal and strategic duties for the school. Part of the role is to help set agendas for meeting, planning what business needs to be carried out over the year and taking the minutes for the meeting of the Governing Board. I also will convene and attend formal panels and respond to correspondence as and when these are required

Alongside this I keep all records up to date as required by the government on behalf of the Governing Board and I help the School Administrators with Audit requirement. I am the signpost and guide for information and resources for governors on training and how to carry out their role. It is an ever-changing role and I learn lots of new information every term.

  • Ethos

    The Federation shares a strong ethos:

    We aim to reflect God's love, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

    John 10:10